Jeff Propper Art Director | Designer


An accomplished art director – designer with a wide skill set available for freelance projects. Experienced in projects such branding, advertising, collateral materials and illustration and more. My goal is produce great creative work, while making my client’s life easier. 

Authored a creative strategy methodology

Previously, as president, creative director of an advertising agency, I developed a creative strategy methodology. This process, or roadmap, was used to keep our creative campaigns on track, on point and strategically focused. It consisted of basic, but often overlooked answers to simple marketing questions ­­– geared to help put all stakeholders, both client and agency staff on the same page when developing marketing communications creative.

The published article called “Charting a Road Map to Advertising Results” on this process can be read on, a comprehensive business-to business marketing resource. The article can be found by clicking here.



Creative strategy
Graphic Design
Art direction

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign
Adobe After Effects
Microsoft PowerPoint


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