The Roadmap to Advertising Results.

By Jeff Propper

Manage Risk.  Maximize Results.

As every insightful investor knows, managing risk is imperative for success. Over the time I've spent fine tuning a marketing communications and advertising process that does just that. And has proven to be successful time and again.  This simple "Roadmap" methodology has helped to form intelligently created strategies, plans, and tactics.

I hope you find the information useful in the development of marketing and advertising programs.


Step 1. Establishing goals.

When a race has no finish line, it’s called a chase.

Running without knowing where you’re going can be exhausting. It’s an endless effort devoted to reaching a destination that has not been clearly defined. It’s a prescription for failure.

Setting goals is important to success. Although goal setting sounds simple, the task often becomes clouded and without focus.


It starts with Senior Management.
Where are we going and how do we get there are the two essential questions that must be asked, answered, and agreed upon by the executive team at your business. It is necessary for senior management to clearly articulate and outline goals for everyone to follow. Why is senior management so important? Because without their buy-in and support, a negative domino effect may take place, resulting in improper organizational support, unrealistic budgets, fragmented results — and ultimately, failure.












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