Step 5. Let’s talk strategy.

Now that secondary information and client and prospect interviews have been analyzed, it is time to think strategically.  If the goal is the end-point or destination, then the strategy serves as the logistics or roadmap to get there.  Naturally, every tactic — whether print advertising, direct mail, e-marketing, etc. — must be examined against the strategy to gauge its validity. In other words, if the tactic doesn’t fit the strategy, it doesn’t belong in the plan.

An example of an interesting strategy is that of Intel®.  For the most part, we don’t go to the store and buy a microprocessor for our computer. Yet, Intel is a household brand.  They’ve told us over and over that unless your computer has “Intel inside” it is not as fast and powerful as it could be.

You can credit this to the Intel Inside® Program, which was launched way back in 1991. The program represented the first time a PC component manufacturer successfully communicated directly to computer buyers. The Intel Inside Program was one of the world's best and largest co-operative marketing programs. They have created many marketing campaigns since, but none have had the success of "Intel Inside."

Step 6.  So, what’s the plan?

When it comes to creating awareness for a company’s product or service, it’s hard to beat advertising.  The concept is simple — send a message to as many people as possible, as often as possible.  However, without a well-constructed, well-thought-out media plan, you may be wasting a considerable portion of your budget.

Media: location, location, location As with all winning campaigns, thoroughly understanding the target market’s information-gathering habits is crucial.  Choosing the right media requires a thoughtful strategy, tireless planning, and savvy negotiation skills. We believe that a successful plan must saturate, sustain and standout. When all is said and done, advertising is about reaching as many consumers as possible as many times as possible with the least amount of waste.















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