Step 4. What’s your position?

Now that brand identity has been articulated, it’s time to be proactive and develop positioning.  Simply put, “positioning” is the process that determines how a customer or prospect thinks of a company, its products and its services.  It’s important to be proactive and tell the target market exactly how you want them to think of a particular company, product or service.


We ask ourselves seven basic questions when attempting to articulate a positioning:


  •  What business are we in?
  •  What market(s) do we serve?
  •  What are their special needs?
  •  Who is our competition?
  •  What makes us different than our competitors?
  •  What benefits do clients derive from our services?
  •  How can we get everyone in our company telling the same story?
  • Once these simple questions are answered, a positioning line can be written.

Some examples of positioning in the consumer’s mind are:


  • McDonalds®: The family-oriented restaurant where I can be assured of a quick, consistently good meal.
  • Nordstrom®: The high quality fashion retailer I can trust to receive impeccable customer service.
  • Federal Express®: The convenient, global shipper that will get my package to its destination on time, every time.















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