The Roadmap to Advertising Results

At the end of the interview process, it helps to ask respondents to rank the benefits from most important to least important, on a scale of 1 to 10.  You’ll find the ranking technique to be particularly valuable in determining consistencies between respondents.

Ultimately, to achieve the kinds of positive results that are required, you must uncover those benefits that have the power to motivate and persuade your target.  Generally speaking, you should look for the three most important benefits.


Step 3. The power of brand identity.

I like to think of the power of brand identity in a very simple way. Think of it as describing a friend to an acquaintance — a friend they haven’t met.  You have the opportunity to set the stage for your acquaintance’s expectations. You may describe your friend as a tall person who’s warm and outgoing, a good listener and an excellent tennis player.  When they meet, your acquaintance’s expectations are set.  Let’s hope your friend lives up to your description.


This approach to a company’s brand is made up of three components:


  1. The foundation of the brand is their core competency—the organization’s special talent.
  2. The variety of benefits and features offered to their consumer.
  3. The company’s personality.

When combined, these three elements make up the brand identity of an organization.  In this model, while the benefits and features may change to suit a particular target market, the core competency and the personality remain constant.

For example, think of Intel® — the well-known computer microprocessor company.

Core competency: performance enhancement.

Benefits and features: a host of solutions that enable e-Businesses, extensive industry support, and a broad range of system configurations, etc.

Personality: Innovative, reliable, and powerful.

As you move through the advertising process, it’s important to articulate your brand identity.  It will act as a guide in helping shape your communications efforts.  After all, each and every one of your efforts should strengthen your company’s brand identity.












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