Start by asking yourself and management exactly what do we want and need to accomplish?  You’ll probably find that each member of the executive team will have different goals. However, to create an effective program, it is necessary to narrow the focus and underscore the key goals and objectives to be achieved.


Naturally, goals and objectives vary.  For example, they range from increasing sales volume and revenue to heightened awareness and branding. Write the goals down and then engrave them in stone. If your goal or destination changes, it will effect your strategy or roadmap. As long as you know where you going, you can find a way to get there.


Step 2.  Research and analysis.

Why guess when you can ask? Advertising decisions are too often made in a vacuum.  If you consider that information is power, then why not acquire the information that can help take the risk out of your marketing decisions?  In other words, perform secondary and primary research.


Gathering secondary information. Seek out objective studies that provide quantifiable information on your market. Often, trade publications hire outside research firms to do independent studies. Talk with the editors and publishers — after all, they specialize in news and information directly related to your industry. They know who’s who and what’s new.  Also, trade organizations can be warehouses of information. And as well all know, the Internet provides articles upon articles concerning your industry.


In this information gathering process, take a good look at your competition. Who are the leaders and how are they positioning themselves to your target?  What’s their share of the market and even their advertising spending levels? After all, you’re fighting for your prospect’s attention and you need to know who’s speaking the loudest in your marketplace. In essence, there’s a battle going on for your customer’s share-of-wallet. Information on your competition can only strengthen your ability to make sound decisions. If you or an associate doesn’t have the time to gather information, look to companies that specialize in this type of research.













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