Driven to Distraction?

By Jeff Propper

In business, it’s easy for us to lose track of our goals. Because sometimes, even we forget that we’re here primarily to address our customers’ needs – and to generate higher revenue by selling more.

The forest for the trees.
How can this happen? Occasionally, companies simply get distracted – and not always for the same reason. Perhaps the CEO leads the company intuitively, and changes direction each Monday morning. Or the sales staff, who work 24/7 to bring in business, feel their work is the only reason the company exists. Then you have employees with rigid work hours who believe the road to success is charted by inflexible, predetermined procedures. Finally, there may be staff members who feel compelled to make everyone around them happy, regardless of the consequences. Left unchecked, each of these behaviors can make a fast-growing company forget the basic principles and objectives that inspired them in the first place.


Back on track.

Naturally, companies intending to be around for the long haul recognize the importance of defining goals and consistently communicating them to the entire organization. These businesses are able to use a diverse and talented group of people – not by changing what employees are good at, but by balancing their talents, and keeping everyone focused on the company’s goals.






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