Marketing: What do we want to accomplish?

The same principles apply to how a company markets its products or services. First, results-driven marketing begins with clearly outlining the goals and objectives. Only by defining the end-result can we determine the measures that will take us there.

Second, we must never forget the importance of understanding the customer. We must educate ourselves to market trends, new technologies and the competitive framework. We need to probe the prospect or customer to determine the strongest benefits that will motivate them to take action and buy – versus simply consider.

Next, we develop the positioning of our product or service as well as the strategy. This is the route we’ll take to reach our goal. We then plan the most appropriate tactics and create meaningful, benefit-driven creative that speaks in the language of the customer. Only by doing so do we approach the true purpose of marketing and advertising: to appeal to the needs of our target audience and, in turn, sell more products.

Finally, we measure and monitor the progress as it relates to the goals. If the tactics and creative aren’t working – we change them. If they are – we refresh them. But whatever the result, we continue to monitor and measure.


Staying the course.

So next Monday morning, when senior management says “Do an ad that talks about...,” do the smart thing. Ask yourself, “Is this tactic and message consistent with our goals and strategy?” After all, you don’t want your business to get distracted.








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